Trait oasis_contract_sdk::context::Context[][src]

pub trait Context {
    type PublicStore: PublicStore;
    type ConfidentialStore: ConfidentialStore;
    type Env: Env + Crypto;
    fn instance_id(&self) -> InstanceId;
fn instance_address(&self) -> &Address;
fn caller_address(&self) -> &Address;
fn deposited_tokens(&self) -> &[BaseUnits]
Notable traits for &'_ [u8]
impl<'_> Read for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Write for &'_ mut [u8]
fn is_read_only(&self) -> bool;
fn call_format(&self) -> CallFormat;
fn emit_message(&mut self, msg: Message);
fn emit_event<E: Event>(&mut self, event: E);
fn public_store(&mut self) -> &mut Self::PublicStore;
fn confidential_store(&mut self) -> &mut Self::ConfidentialStore;
fn env(&self) -> &Self::Env; }
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Execution context.

Associated Types

The public store.

The confidential store.

The environment.

Required methods

Contract instance identifier.

Contract instance address.

Caller address.

Tokens deposited by the caller.

Whether the call is read-only and must not make any storage modifications.

Call format.

Emits a message.

Emits an event.

Public contract store.

Confidential contract store.